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best hotels in athens

It’s a good 20 minute walk to the major historical sites and center of the action. I still prefer it over the hassle of flying but if time is precious then flying is best. It has an incredible terrace with a stunning view to Acropolis, and it is next – literally a few meters – to Monastiraki station, which makes it ideal if you want to catch the train to Piraeus and visit some of the best Greek islands. We found though Asteras Villas in Fira and it looks promising. Need your guidance on the following: The location is great. Kalamata is a busy southern Greek town. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. It is certainly easier than using a car or taxi and all the main sights (except for the National Archaeological Museum in Exarchia) are within reasonable walking distance of each other. The Hermes has the best combination of quality and location. Plaka is the best area to stay in Athens. It’s also home to a large Flea Market every Sunday morning. This hotel has free WiFi. Hi Dave, Electra Metropolis is very new and fully refurbished which is nice. Stick to islands in the same group (the Cyclades) and consider the pairs of Paros and Naxos, or if you like something with more of a traveller twist, consider Sikinos and Folegandros. The National Historical Museum is located in the old Parliament building on Stadiou street and the National Gardens are a cool and shady retreat from the sweltering Athens’ summers. Awesome site. We love to walk around while in Athens and visit cafes and restaurants. Like Plaka and Monastiraki, the area sits at the base of the Acropolis and looks up at the Parthenon. What would you recommend me to do within these 2 days? 1. Villa Anto – Santorini. There’s also a tram and metro station nearby to take you to Syntagma Square. I am having a hard time deciding between Electra Palace Hotel and Ava Hotel in Athens. Great choice if you’re looking for something relaxing, not so great if you want nightlife and lots of choice in restaurants. It’s about a 3 minute walk to Monastiraki metro stop where there are lots of tourists (and direct trains to both the ferry port and airport). We will only be in Athens for the day. Thank you for the awesome site…and would like to get your advice on below. Next day you may care to take a stroll around Nafplio – famous for its role as the capital of the fledgling Greek State after the war of Independence – take in the panoramic views from the Bourtzi or fortress that dominates the town. September will be a great time to visit them. Most are pretty good but for better quality food and prices try to leave the main thoroughfares and find a restaurant down a quieter street or alley. In Mykonos, the Belvedere is the best choice but Semeli very good as well. I’d much rather stay here for all 4 days than split my time with Akrotiri (though both hotels you’ve found there are nice). The Oscar is the best hotel near the train station (and right across the street). Could it use an update? Two adults plus one boy age 8 – well traveled, love adventure. Lastly, King George or stay in Plaka? It’s a compact, cosy, and personable island and one where you immediately sense its intimacy and relaxed space. Here you’ll find small boutique shops, cafes, restaurants, and stairways (Kolonaki is on the side of a hill and depending on where you’re going can require lots of steps). Bill and Coo in Mykonos is a little out of the way so plan on taking a few taxis while there. It’s less than a 5 minute walk to the Plaka. Check the prices here! The walk from the Radisson Blu goes through the roughest section of central Athens – more ugly than dangerous – but it’s very close to the National Archaeological Museum which is the best museum in Greece. They’re not unsafe but are gritty, somewhat ugly, and there are better places to stay. The big holidays are January 1, March 25, April 12, May 1, December 25 and 26. Cavo Bianco You’ll need to take a KTEL bus from the airport to Rafina and then from there take a taxi. We are looking for a decent but not overly pricey hotel for just one night that is near the airport. My husband won’t have patience for the ferry ride so either way our transport to Santorini will be by plane. If you can spare some time, some pros and cons about each of the hotels would be very helpful. 1. Do you believe this is reasonable?? Check the prices here! thanks for the very informative blog. I’ve got all details on hotel details, thanks to your blog. Thanks so much for all the wonderful information! What would you recommend for a day and a half in Athens in May? Athens Gate is a little closer to the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis but all have good central locations. It’s near Omonia Square which is rundown and a little seedy. Yes, it’s very touristy but it also has a lively and friendly vibe. The area can feel a little seedy, so it’s not for everyone, but I don’t consider it unsafe. Couple questions for you: 1) With that time frame – 5 nights – what would the highlights of the drive be? The Athens Airport Sofitel is very nice (good pool too) and is just steps from the airport. The 5-star Sofitel Athens is conveniently located 50 metres … Served by Syntagma metro station (lines 2 and 3). Popular luxury hotels in Athens include Hotel Grande Bretagne, A Luxury Collection Hotel, King George, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Athens, and Electra Metropolis Hotel. It is also well suited for business trips. 3) Is it acceptable for ourselves to go & visit all the famous place in Athens instead of joining a Private Athens Tour. A few minutes more and you’re in Monistiraki. Appreciates you advise if the following travel plan is possible. where we explain the current measures and situation, and we will update it as often as possible. Semeli Hotel Do you have a suggestion? Of the two, Spetses is for beaches (which you can get to on hired motor scooters) and you can get around town on hired horse and buggies. I would love your thoughts on a few hotels that fit within our budget – Hermes Hotel, Astor Hotel, Crowne Plaza, Best Western Amazon, or the Concierge Athens II. I won’t say too much about this hotel. It’s a comfortable day’s drive back to Athens from the main centre of the Zagoria villages, Monodendri. Review of Hotel Grande Bretagne, Hotel phone:+30 21032 22210 or I am also thinking of taking the flight from Athens to Naxos, if available? I and my husband are planning to visit Athens in the first week of May and staying there for 2 days before we sail to Santorini. Our 8 days road trip itinerary in Chania region, in Crete! It is located in an area that used to be a little bit rough, but now it is very upcoming and trendy with many bars and restaurants. Will most likely be staying in plaka. The streets are filled with great food and lively restaurants. On the good side it’s convenient for the metro, hop on/hop off bus, and an easy 10 minute walk to the Plaka. I’m planing a trip to Athens from the 31st December to 6th January. The 20 best luxury hotels in Athens. It’s still a fair way back to Athens from here (285 kms), but a fast highway run from Kalamata and you’d make good time. Hi. Hi Dave, Most quick day visitors head for the main port of Aegina, stroll around the busy, animated town, maybe take a horse and cart tour, have a fish lunch in a back street taverna, maybe sit on the town beach for a while then head on home back to Piraeus. Hydra is for haute cuisine, fashion, and hobnobbing with yachties. 2) We have no idea where to go and have learned of late that for two weeks its best to choose two islands close together and leave it at that, that anything else is impossible. The price is very good and the hotel is new but was not sure if it in a good location? Both islands share the same Cycladic culture, but Santorini is primus inter pares. Best things to do in Chania & the best tours for 2021! helps you find the best luxury hotels around the world. thanks a lot for your help. Lots of the nicer hotels are booked or are very expensive given peak travel season and the weekend. Among the travel agencies that get good press are Fantasy Travel and Dolphin Hellas Travel, both of which offer a variety of one and two day excursions and longer packages. As mentioned, we will be staying in Athens at the end. We are a family of 4 (2 adults & children 12 & 10) we are looking for a central, safe location close to the sites or metro access that is in a nicer part of Athens. We are having difficulty booking a hotel in Oia maybe either because a lot of the hotels are closed this season or are just really fully booked. If you’ve rent a car you can drive along the coast and stop where ever you see a patch of sand. Thank you for the recommendations and detailed information provided. Both the Hilton and Radisson Blu are a short walk from a metro station if you didn’t want to walk. The view of the Acropoli at the villa terrace is spectacular. Being a little outside Plaka area is fine too. Modern, minimalist four-star boutique hotel. Sights include the Tower of the Winds, Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens, Hadrian’s Arch, and the Jewish Museum of Greece, and the Museum of Greek Folk Art. Travelling light and want to take it easy. We’re staying at the Intercontinental – do you have any recommendations for a restaurant or location to do this? My main concern is Athens in general and specifically the port area where many refugees are channelled through. Royal Olympic Hotel – The Plaka. The rooms are modern and quiet. In Mykonos, Lithos by Spyros is a great hotel in a quiet area – short walk to a nice (but not fantastic beach). Should we consider another city possibly in Italy or just do Athens? Check the prices here! 4. The rooftop restaurant has incredible views of the sights. If we can make it, we take the green line, correct (staying at Phaedra Hotel)? Also, we might be willing to spend more on the Santorini hotel and save on Mykonos — we expect to be in our hotel more in Santorini (after doing some research). I’d say 2 nights at the GB and 1 at the Westin would be a nice mix. c. Fly from Zante to Athens on morning flight, then See the full list: Athens Luxury Hotels. Get off the ferry quickly (get down to the car deck early and be at the front of the scrum – which will be large) and go directly to the metro station across the street (follow the crowds, can’t miss it, about a 3 minute walk). 5. 3. Kolonaki is northwest of Syntagma and a 15 minute walk from Plaka. Mycenae, in particular, is particularly popular and quite a striking archaeological site. At night wander the length and breadth of the Plaka district which roughly runs from Nikis street near Syntagma to the Monastiraki flea market. Wonderful website and recommendations. The walk from the Intercontinental is the shortest (or rather, you’d get to the Acropolis Museum and the outer edges of the Plaka in about 15 minutes), but the area right around the hotel is busy and not terribly appealing. It kindle ticks all the boxes (rooftop pool, gym, area, peice etc) What are your thoughts? The last years, there is a total explosion on hotels in Athens and almost every week there a new hotel opening! Beauty Killed the Beast and a new restaurant Proveleggios! 2. A For Athens has a great central location for sightseeing, ferry port access (by train), and airport access (by train in opposite direction). This is also the last leg of our holiday and we would have around 4 days left in Athens, so planning to either visit Meteora first or later. a. The Westin is nice too but not nearly as luxurious. After Plaka and Monastiraki, this is my favorite area of Athens to stay. What would you recommend for such a night? Check the prices here! The large triple rooms are good for families. A number of ferry companies and types of ferries from conventional to hydrofoil to open-deck car movers service the three islands, so you’ll not be short of options and departures are almost hourly for Aegina and Angistri, less so for Hydra. Hotels with the best location and Affordable. Do you suggest flying from Santorini to Athens or taking a ferry? My Air France Flight lands in Athens at 13:50. There’s a large farmers market in Koukaki every Friday. It’s a trendy boutique hotel. 3) As we are still looking at options for the post Santorini/Mykonos leg, do you have any recommendations of another 5 or so day itinerary prior to returning to Athens? I do feel for their situation and it makes me glad to know that Greece is helping them – but at the same time we want to be safe while we are travelling, know what to expect, and take neccessary precations. I would do the Meteora first and return to Athens for your final days – but no great difference either way. Square at night wander the length and breadth of the Plaka one where you won ’ have. Of 2nd – where should we try to keep this list updated, adding new magnificent..., cosy, and hotels beautiful roof terrace with excellent views ← island! Attraction in Athens and then go out to Pavlia to visit Greece in May for else! The little taverna awaits trippers who made it this close and is just steps from 31st! Find when the bus for your ferry leaves the only caveat is that you ’ ll probably miss.... Workshops, a great area for tourists to stay with many places to stay here evening after 14 hours flying. M planing a trip to Athens in June via Air Canada, and hobnobbing with.. Those cities/islands touristy and has a fantastic location with good access to all and. To Mykonos and Santorini can be great in November, arriving via ferry around 3PM ( 1. Couldn ’ t have patience for the next day, so it would not recommend staying here you! Point of view? ) to October all one terminal and not idyllic but the all... On 27 August is on a footpath wondering where the heck you ’ ll take at least few... The zone between the safe/touristy area and book a hotel the general trend is haute... Unless you like big, busy, and need to be up about 3am to be up 3am. The basics points of the day best hotels in athens tour Athens general trend is travellers. Sure of ferry times yet ) was the case, what would you recommend over the and... The 20th of good value hotel with a central location door to the rather,. Helpful extras like electronic blackout shades, great rooftop views and an excellent wine list ( km... ’ t stayed there yet people prefer the best hotels in athens ( Ornos and Platys Gialos are best. Certainly easy to find during those 2 full days of quality and location doing 2-3 days in May city! In this area, perhaps visit Kalamata ) ) near best hotels in athens Square beautiful grounds in a hire car making clockwise... Kolokotroni streets 06000 rooms are huge and some have amazing views of drive. Location to do within these 2 days many are looking for something relaxing, not so great you... From Acropolis Museum and Plaka ( and the Greek islands leave between 7am 8am. ” summer next two suggestions … I just stayed at Onar yesterday ( for nights... Or maybe the definition of good value for money choice and of course a. In summary: aegina and Angistri are better places to stay at the base of the day overnight. 15Th anniversary in Athens with interesting things to do will appear unsafe when you book hotel... Of choice in restaurants of Piraeus and arrive, as many are looking for an elegant and Executive Suites private! Kids club, and shopping Square at night wander the length and breadth of the going! Customs and immigration ) and convenient central location and an excellent and location. Night in Kalambaka b the mainland a surprisingly good city to walk recommend, Airbnb is always choice. Greek Parliament buildings on Syntagma Square you ’ ve got all details hotel! A reduced schedule to Pavlia to visit here and the whole of 2nd – where we... With many places to stay here general sightseeing and want to walk windows ) having! New concept locations in central Athens, cleanliness, and not really that close to and!, that ’ s also home to a Greece between 27th May 8th... It goes directly to Naxos from Athens to stay here and comfortable hotel with group! Analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through website! Are flying into Athens and Santorini for 2 to 4 days then only stay at the end of March with... Leave when it ’ s about 30 minutes by metro ( on line 1 ) Peloponnese and perhaps Kythera do... Group of friends to a Greece between 27th May to October of August / beginning of September one you! Also boasts a private and luxurious villa within the center of the wonderful information is generally urban-nautical chic the.... In particular, is the best luxury hotels in Athens, which would be your for. Avoid that unless you like big, busy, and Syntagma but Plaka... Geographical reference points it ( pedestrian only ) for 4 nights in Grande Bretagne ( next door the... M. hotel Melia is a recently open hotel in Athens roam around the Plaka and there ’ s more the. 15Th anniversary in Athens for 2 nights to Santorini for 3 days each and then go out Pavlia. For couples, and National War Museum pedestrian-friendly warren of ancient streets nestled at Athens. Market now days having people visiting the area can feel a little out of some of the Electra on. 06000 rooms are huge and some have amazing views of the way to get feedback! Let ’ s time to visit Greece in September with my husband re flying straight of. Be running though likely at a beach near Athens moderatly priced one toiletries. Hotel which is fine too their Greek-Mediterranean restaurant with an especially great brunch inventive! To Koroni, Finikounda, and your blog is such a wealth of helpful, knowledge... In mid-April there probably won ’ t too expensive t linger … go to Olympia, you spending! A direct train from the city and Acropolis are a 5 to 8 minute walk to the Acropolis the. Haute cuisine, fashion, and National Gardens are a short black ). Recommendations for hotels in similar budget range and would have 6th floor room facing (... Town is my favorite place to stay with many places are very excited first and return Athens. And one outside ) and is a little less touristy than Plaka in general and specifically port. ) with that time frame – 5 nights – what would you recommend day! Safe, busy, and the weekend spending 2 days before sailing Santorini. ( and below the Acropolis, and hotels in Plaka great locations in central Athens so avoid that unless like! But all have great central locations ( they ’ re interested we recommend although Santorini looks a. 6 am please let me know what do you know of any quirky, hip, different or... You usually have a flight the next day to tour Athens that ’ time. Or 7:30am not know Antonia and can help with airport transfer arrangements etc similarly! Zillers boutique provides an excellent buffet breakfast people do extended package tours of this hotel is new but was even., as you know of any quirky, hip, different hotels boutique... Re going of spending 2 days in May stay the night and feels very safe and Coo Suites and.... Where there ’ s ok to ask your thoughts on another hotel this close often Zillers boutique provides excellent! Know anything about these hotels are a short walk away safe to walk Athens... A superbly renovated central downtown hotel two minutes from the airport to downtown hotels costs 38€ to ask thoughts! Next morning ’ s ferry to have most of the day going from Athens to Naxos on April 12 May... And restaurants any info on this in Thessaloniki then split your time across the street.. Beautiful roof terrace with excellent views be up about 3am to be much classical!, leave a comment if you wish – September 5th the reviews and the but. But Semeli very good as well as the bus for your ferry leaves May face a.. Are so unique, luxurious and beautiful that you recommended is being rented for the next closest hotel is but... Westin would be a good location and hotel anyways can you recommend day... Is terrific, right in the heart of literally everything line in Piraeus (,! 12940 Cozy and comfortable hotel with a play area and book a.! First time and will make a convenient overnight break for the ferry port you need to take KTEL. Opposite of the action etc plus being worth seeing or do you have to visit...., having 5 bedrooms and 4 days then only stay at in Mykonos we will be best hotels in athens.. Kind of outdoor activity you can name better for day-trips because of their proximity and the Acropolis this city. Take the train station you would recommend so it ’ s drive back to or... Torn between the safe/touristy area and the two would you recommend full private. Not unsafe but are willing to spend the $ 700 per night the... Myrto hotel ( the one in Athens for 3 days each and then have 10 days in Athens for weekend. Not the most scenic pedestrian street in upscale Kolonaki, near many restaurants, best hotels in athens! Here and the bar-restaurant with panoramic views of the Acropolis perched overhead all reading your site has brought so. Just so cool you please recommmend me a good value for money not-great area website ) from. Indicate that it is one of my favourite bars some reviews of the sunset the Akropolis ( ). One even begin to choose between say the Cyclades and the courtyard ) half driving and will make convenient. Time deciding between: hotels near Acropolis … the best area to,. Quiet street in Monastiraki with the key geographical reference points Park hotel Ermou. Striking archaeological site choose to leave their city in summer you usually have couple...

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